$65 | 30 MINUTE

  • Just enough time to work out a stiff neck or whatever one area ails you!

$100 | 60 MINUTE

  • What we do the most... and make the most of your time tailored to your basic needs.

$145 | 90 MINUTE

  • When an hour isn't enough, this can get specific areas and get around the block.

$110 | 60 MINUTE

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle massage that targets the lymphatic system and a powerful tool for people whose lymphatic system is compromised from surgery, illness or injury.

$110 | 60 MINUTE ~ $155 | 90 MINUTE

TMJ Specific Massage is a treatment to the mouth, jaws, head, and sometimes neck. Applying pressure to trigger points in the jaw muscles can help relieve spasms and pain. TMJ = Temporomandibular Joint

$110 | 60 MINUTE  ~ $155 | 90 MINUTE

Traditional Thai Massage combines acupressure, yoga and massage to create a truly holistic massage experience. It is performed on a mat on the floor and the client is fully clothed.