TMJ Massage with Rose Huebscher, LMT

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint aka, your jaw. Some people have an audible click or pop when opening or closing the jaw but dysfunction in the TMJ’s can also manifest other symptoms. Headaches, neck pain, difficulty swallowing can all be symptoms stemming from tight jaw muscles. Factors that lead to a tight jaw can be forward head posture, teeth grinding or clenching (hello stress!) and trauma to name a few. There are several muscles IN your mouth that make up the jaw complex that are inaccessible via external work. During a TMJ massage, your TMJD certified massage therapist will likely do an intra-oral massage to treat those muscles as well as external work to the anterior neck and accessory muscles. 30, 60, or 90 minutes are available - with increasing time in the session meaning more accessory muscles or full body being included in the work.

*Therapists that perform TMJ massage receive additional education and certification. An additional $10 is added to the base price per session*