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About Dee Vickers, LMT

Basic Kneads welcomes Dee Vickers to our group! She has been a LMT for over 18 years and specializes in TMJ and Migraines /Headaches. Her work can make a profound difference in the life of someone that is living with chronic jaw and head pain. We are proud to have Dee on our staff as she raises the bar for all of us at Basic Kneads.

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Massage, bodywork and the healing arts are my life’s work. I am a nationally board certified (BCTMB), licensed massage therapist in Tennessee #6935. My clinical specialty is TMJ massage. I am a certified TMJ massage therapist and clinical TMJ massage instructor. In addition, I offer therapeutic massage, Swedish massage, Nurturing the Mother certified fertility and pregnancy massage.

My professional education and training began with my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Auburn University in Marketing Education. I received my massage education at Gadsden State Community College. I was an apprentice to Patricia Casebere LMT, RN. Patricia was a direct apprentice of Dr. Janet Travell the founder of trigger point therapy. I credit Patricia with lighting my path for massage by teaching me so many hands-on techniques. Under Patricia’s supervision, I learned many massage and bodywork methods. The method I treasure learning the most from Patricia was TMJ massage. She passed down to me the methods and procedures for doing TMJ massage as she learned them form Dr. Travell. I am a certified Nurturing the Mother Fertility, Pregnancy, Post-Partum, Labor Support and Infant Massage practitioner. I have advanced training in traditional Chinese medicine, breathing/relaxation/meditation methods, hot stone massage, trigger point therapy, muscle energy technique (MET), active isolated stretching and myofascial release. I integrate all the methods and techniques that have been passed down to me through the years to achieve balance and healing for my client’s. Healing and maintaining balance in the physical body and the conscious mind is a journey. It would be an honor to join you in your wellness and healing journey.